"Technology Enhanced" Assessments

All too often, student assessments have been limited to multiple-choice questions.  However, as students work with information, it is important that they are able to demonstrate their knowledge in a wider variety of ways (a central skill in Problem-Base Learning).  

Our "technology enhanced" assessments enable students to:

  • Drag-and-drop objects to correct locations
  • Highlight words and sentences
  • Re-order objects and text elements
  • Choose from answers on dropdown menus within the text
  • Select multiple answers at the same time
  • Graph lines and place points on a grid
  • Enter short answers and constructed responses
  • Answer questions using a simulated calculator

Please feel free to browse our selection of "Technology Enhanced" assessments for each standard:

3rd Grade   Schools and districts who have access to the PBL Project can launch an unlimited number of exams for their students, and can run full analysis of the results.   3rd Grade
Operations and Agebraic Thinking     Reading: Literature
Number and Operations (in Base 10)     Reading: Informational Text
Numbers and Operations (Fractions)     Reading: Foundational Skills
Measurements and Data     Language
  4th Grade
4th Grade   Reading: Literature
Operations and Agebraic Thinking   Reading: Informational Text
Number and Operations (in Base 10)   Reading: Foundational Skills
Numbers and Operations (Fractions)                       
Measurements and Data    
Geometry   5th Grade
      Reading: Literature
5th Grade     Reading: Informational Text
Operations and Agebraic Thinking     Reading: Foundational Skills
Number and Operations (in Base 10)     Language
Numbers and Operations (Fractions)      
Measurements and Data     6th Grade
Geometry     Reading: Literature
      Reading: Informational Text
6th Grade     Language
Ratios and Proportional Relationships      
The Number System     7th Grade
Expressions & Equations     Reading: Literature
Geometry     Reading: Informational Text
Statistics & Probability     Language
7th Grade     8th Grade
Ratios and Proportional Relationships     Reading: Literature
The Number System     Reading: Informational Text
Expressions & Equations       Language
Statistics & Probability       ***The Problem-Based Learning portion of the site is best for practicing and assessing the Writing and Speaking & Listening standards.
8th Grade       Click here to access the Problem-Based Learning Scenarios
The Number System        
Expressions & Equations        
Statistics & Probability