The Carolina Children Packet was written for 3rd Grade teachers who wish to incorporate the four themes of social studies - geography, economics, government, history - when covering South Carolina and the United States.

How it works:

Using the Carolina Children series, the Teacher`s Guide guide will provide a teacher with activities, learning strategies, and numerous opportunities for language arts integration.  Here are the books that go with the series:


To help teachers get the most out of the Carolina Children series, a Teacher`s Guide has been created (below).  These enable teachers to use the stories in the books to lead into their instruction.  Click below to read a few sample pages.

Teacher`s Guide - Carolina Children

We offer the entire collection in a complete 3rd grade social stuides packet, as shown below.  

You can order a single 3rd grade packet for $49.95 or the packet + class set (25 copies) for $199.  

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3rd Grade Packet

The 3rd Grade Packet, includes; Carolina Childern Teacher`s Guide, The Piedmont, and the Sandhills book listed above.