Shown below is a "Forced Choice" scenario.  This is where students are given several choices, and must pick one based on the teacher directions... and then they must explain the reason for their choice.  Not making a choice is not an option!  To learn more about "Forced Choice" scenarios, click here.     

The Choice:

 Which form of energy are you: mechanical, electrical, chemical, radiant, or thermal?  Explain.

Where do we begin?  Click here to find out how Forced Choice activities work...

To make their choices, students must go beyond the standard definition of the terms (or what their personal favorite choice may be) and consider characteristics and distinctive attributes of each choice.  Here are the type of answers you might hear:

"I am like  ______________ energy because..." 


"...I like to keep things moving."


"...I like to be in charge of everything and be in charge."


".....I keep a lot of things and feelings stored up."


"...I am very bright and light hearted."


"...I am hot, I get mad easily."                         


"...I am always splitting hairs and looking at the details."