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We offer on-site Professional Development to schools and districts who want to succeed with Problem-Based Learning.  Details of our PD is provided below:

 The Abstract:

     Our challenge as educators is to prepare students for the 21st century and real life.  One of the best ways to meet these demands and to reach the rigor of new standards is through interdisciplinary Problem Based Learning strategies.

     Problem-Based Learning promotes communication, collaboration, curiosity, organization, and problem solving. It offers educators a chance to shift the work of learning from the educator to the students, where it belongs.

     Participants in this PD session will be introduced to the philosophy of Problem-Based Learning and the PBL Project website (


We focus on several key areas during our trainings.  Everything can be covered in one full-day training, or it can be adjusted for shorter sessions.
The Philosophy of Problem-Based Learning   Incorporating PBL into the classroom   Critical Thinking Exercises
2 hours   2 hours   2 hours
  • What is "Problem-Based Learning", and why is it important?
  • What are the key elements of Problem-Based Learning scenarios?
  • What are some common misconceptions about Problem-Based Learning?
  • What is the format of a Problem-Based Integrated Scenarios?
  • What are examples of "Stimulus Items" that are part of the PBL scenario?
  • What are examples of "Products" in the student response section of the PBL Scenarios?
  • How long does it take to do a Problem-Based Scenario?
  • What types of exercises are used to develop PBL Skills?
  • What are examples of "Critical Thinking Exercises", "Creativity Drills", and "Halfway Problems"
  • Aside from developing PBL Skills, why are the Thinking Exercises so important?


  • Full Day PD = $1,500 + travel
  • 1/2 Day PD = $900 + travel

***Professional Development costs will be discounted when a district purchases access to the PBL Project site


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