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  Professional Development Portal


  "A Perfect PBL" (the steps for a full PBL Scenario with your students)

The Quick Tutorial - become an expert on the PBL Project website in 3 minutes


What exactly is Problem-Based Learning? - a quick look at the process of PBL


Why do we call it "Problem"-Based Learning? - looking at "problem" vs. "project"... and other terms


Key Features of PBL - when it`s done right, Problem-Based scenarios will share these components


Misconceptions of PBL - Not everything you`ve heard about Problem-Based Learning is true!


What is "Critical Thinking" - breaking down a term that is too often taken for granted
      "Forced Choice" Exercises - looking at a quick, easy, and very effective Critical Thinking strategy


What is "Creativity" - taking a look at "creativity", and how the PBL Project helps develop it


Personalized Learning and Problem-Based Learning - why PBL is crucial to an effective Personalized Learning program


Technology and the Teacher - how technology is changing the role of the teacher, and why Problem-Based Learning is at the center of it all


What about the Art Classes? - a look at how Problem-Based Learning integrates with the arts


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