Integrated Problem-Based Scenarios

These are problem scenarios that require students to use the full range of skills associated with Problem-Based Learning across all core content areas.

The goal of Problem-Based scenarios is for students to learn that, when presented with a challenge, they must:
  • Sort through all related information, or “stimulus” (websites, articles, video, discussion, statistics, etc.)
  • Organize their thoughts based on the “evidence”
  • Generate a logical “response” (design a proposal, give an argument, create a plan-of-action, etc.)

Remember, our Problem-Based Resource:

1) Provides a variety of “Integrated Problems” based on real-life scenarios that are engaging to students

2) Approaches each problem from multiple points of view across several subject areas

3) Provides a range of stimulus items appropriate to the problem (articles, videos, infographics, statistics, etc.)

4) Includes leading questions for classroom discussion to help students further explore the topic

5) Guides students through the “information-gathering” process

6) Gives students an online platform to enter their responses (proposals, arguments, presentations, etc.)

7) Enables teachers to view, grade, and analyze student responses

8) Gives teachers the ability to create their own Problem-Based scenarios, including the uploading of all resources and assigning of student responses

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